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Is Your Credit Costing You?

There are many Americans unaware of how much bad credit is costing them until they apply for a loan. Some Americans have never checked their credit reports or scores at all.

Having bad credit can also affect your day to day life; for instance, paying more for car insurance, paying a higher deposit for an apartment or cell phone. That’s why it is so important for consumers to check their credit reports regularly to insure its accuracy. A higher credit score can mean the difference between 3.5% or 10% down payment for a mortgage or paying $12,000 more in interest on a $20,000 auto loan. With a better credit score you can enjoy lower interest rates, $0 down on auto loans, O% APR on credit cards, and much more.

Real Clients. Real Results.


Courtney L.

"Thank you so much for helping me not only fix my credit, but help me really understand credit. I can’t stop recommending you guys. Elite Credit Repair Services has truly helped empower me & get my life back!"

The Millhouse Family

"I truly have enjoyed first the Education on building and having great credit. Elite Credit Repair Services has been pleasant to work with and keeping my husband and I updated on the issues that occur with our credit."

Ms. Jones

"I'm so grateful for Elite Credit Repair Services! After they help me fix my credit I was able to purchase a Mercedes-Benz $0 down and open 11credit lines! I'm so happy! I'd recommend them everyone I know!"

The Noble Family

"My husband and I tried credit repair on our own and paid a huge amount of money to a few companies over a period of two years to no avail. We started with Elite Credit Repair Services and within three months we both had scores in the 700s after being as low as 480!!!!!! Quick results and very helpful education along the way as to what to expect in their process and how to accomplish credit goals for your personal and business lives!!! We are now moving on from our SOLID personal credit profiles to building our business credit now with their help! We are forever grateful!"

Mary B.

"Prior to being referred to Elite Credit Repair Services I was frustrated and discouraged after trying to have credit repaired by three different agencies. Not to mentioned they charged quite a bit of money, made a lot of promises with absolutely no results! After my consultation with Elite Credit Repair Services I was very pleased with both the level of personal service and the clear honest answers they were able to provide.

I understood the entire process and after using their services I had a lot of negative items removed and my score went from 500's to 700's on all 3 bureaus. Thank you for all you've done and I will continue to recommend your Service!"

Parnell Family

"Elite Credit Repair Services has been fantastic to work with. We were trying to get a mortgage (and were a long ways from ready). When we contacted Elite Credit Repair Services, and within 45 days my credit had improved so much that we were approved for a $210k mortgage. They even guaranteed they would resume working on my credit as soon as the mortgage process was finished. They have been a blessing to our family and so great to work, we appreciate all they've done for us!"

Brandon B.

“I would just like to say THANK YOU!! Elite Credit Repair Services are the best at what they do and at a great price! I have tried the other credit repair companies and paid monthly fees for months and they could not get done what this company did in 30 days!!! They’re always in contact and make sure the client knows what is going on. Because of Elite Credit Repair Services my family was able to purchase a home! Thanks again!”

Rebecca S.

“My loan officer referred me to Elite Credit Repair Services and at first I was uncertain if they could assist because I was a victim of Fraud/Identity Theft. They took charge of my file and kept me informed every step of the way. It was my greatest pleasure to have them assist me with my situation. The mission was accomplished in record time, less than 30 days!!! I would recommend Elite Credit Repair Services to anyone and I give them FIVE STARS!!!”

Lamar P.

“Before being referred to Elite Credit Repair Services I had several collections, charge offs, repossessions, etc and was drowning in debt. I was on the verge of filing bankruptcy and I’m glad I didn’t. After my consultation with Elite Credit Repair Services I felt confident and was informed of the process the entire way. Within 45 days my scores increased over 150 points. I can now say I have good credit again. Credit Scores Go Up has given me a second chance and I would recommend them to everyone!”

Kelsey G.

“Elite Credit Repair Services are Amazing! Before they went to work on my credit, I thought I would be stuck with thousands of dollars in medical debt, and never have good credit. In just 2 short months my credit score increased over 100 points, the negative items were gone, and the best part is I didn’t pay a penny to any debt collectors!"

What We Do

More Than Just Credit Repair

Elite Credit Repair Services will not only repair your credit, we will also help you establish credit. There are many consumers who don’t have credit and fall in the same tier as people with bad credit. Some Americans believe everyone starts off with good credit, not knowing you actually have to build credit. This process can be challenging to most people because they don’t know where to start. Let us take the hassle out of credit repair and help you get your credit back on track so you can live the life you deserve.

Credit is Complicated
We Can Help

We take your
credit repair seriously

Credit can be complicated but we’re here to help! We use the laws that were created to protect your consumer rights. Credit repair services doesn’t have to be confusing, let our professionals work on your behalf to ensure fair and accurate information is reporting on your credit.

  • Encryption
  • Monitoring
  • Screening
  • Verification

At Elite Credit Repair Services, we understand credit is time sensitive. Every month you continue with bad credit means every month you’re paying a higher interest rate, or potentially being denied a mortgage, credit card, etc. Unlike other credit repair companies, we don’t drag out your process, so you can continue to make monthly payments with no results, we offer a flat fee and work to get you results fast.

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We manage financial resources and study how they affect the overall health of the industry.